safety shields 100% ptfe

100% PTFE

100% PTFE is the best material for almost all corrosive and aggressive chemical fluids. This is the top-of-the-range cloth to make covers for all chemical plants.
Max temp.: 230°C
Max pressure: 110 bar

italian safety shields in Vetrarte 200c


VETRARTE 200/C is a cloth of special glass PTFE-soaked and caramelized in order to withstand high temperatures. Moreover, it is porous, so that it makes potential gas or smoke not to remain in the flange, avoiding any damage to it.
Max temp: 230°C
Max pressure: 100 bar

safety shields:material aisi 316 or inox

AISI 316

AISI 316 is the best material to make covers in the oil field, thanks to its high temperature and pressure resistance.
Max temp: 785°C
Max pressure: 270 bar